Fish placement

Why don’t we have the ability to put our cought fish in the pool or the ocean in our condo? I’m also going to suggesteither adding in a pond type item or making a whole new condo that has a little river/pond in it maybe a japanese styled lot so we can have koi fish swimming around.

This is luckily already in the works, dunno when we’ll get it but probably in the following bug fix updates and such

He’s asking why we can’t PUT the fish caught in the plaza in the pools/oceans in the condos. This will be very interesting as we would be able to catch fish from the ocean in our condo and then put it back in?? Uhhhhh…

Well at the moment the fish just flops around on the sea floor… so I would think everyone would appreciate it if we could fill up our little piece of paradise with fish, other than a jumbo sized stretched out tank.


I don’t have a tank for my bigger fish, so I figured I’d try dropping them in the ocean behind my Condo today. Except the barracuda just flopped around on the ocean floor as if it were suffocating underwater lol. Now it’s back in my inventory, still awaiting a home.

I’ve also heard people tell me the underwater condo does the same.

It’d be nice to have this but I think in the current state of fish ai it wouldn’t look too great in Underwater compared to the preplaced map fish that swim around how you’d expect. I can’t even get my large great white to do anything but swim slowly to the top of it’s aquarium yet.

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