Finger issue on Playermodels

Alright, I’m wondering what it is I’m doing wrong exactly with the fingers on the playermodels I’ve been trying to make. Everything on the model is fine except for the fingers. They’re always acting up in some kind of way.

Can anyone help me fix this at all?

The animations applied to the workshop armature have a number of issues (likely due to the retargeting process when applying the default player animations to the workshop rig), which are particularly noticeable in the fingers, but also noticeable (but less obvious) in other areas like the elbows.

It’s been an ongoing issue, and your only option is to rig the fingers to the hand bone instead.

Thank you for the help. I did just that with the fingers still rigged and weight painted for each one and it actually fixed itself. Though I had to lower the weight paint for the fingers on the hand bone to light blue and make each finger bone red itself.