Finding PixelTail's New Logo

Really liking the new logo, it’s a new day dawning on PixelTail Games.

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As a Graphic Designer, I must say this is one of those logos that tickles my funny bone because of the subtleties. Absolutely love it!

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@macdguy What is this sexy font you’re using?

I know it won’t be used but, number one from the first list looks like the flipboard logo.

^flipboard logo

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There’s nothing much to it lol, could literally be like Arial or something.

Looks like Roboto to me.

It’s DINPro


hmmm gotten not a single review/reply for my quick logo work posted above ,guess I’ll have to delete it.

You should update your Press page. Logo is still outdated. INfact that should have been the first place to be updated. Cx

While I’m here… Make sure to updated like… Everything on that page. 50% of it is outdated.

I do believe there is a Trello card for a new Website, so I mean…there are PLANS.

I’ve been keeping it up to date, it’s up to date aside from the new logo.

Not a single reply indeed.

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Would it be possible to get a transparent background PixelTail Games logo?
Would help when making backgrounds so I dont have to spend my life getting the alpha changed…

Sure thing, m8o

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I personally liked the joystick logo, but I guess the controller looks alright too…

I thought that old logo was getting… well… old. (-Captain Obvious)
It was a good logo, but none the less… it was time.