Find stuff on Foohys hidden website

So i was watching the dev streams and I saw a link to a website:
When you go on the website you see some bouncing text that says “Welcome to my website!”.
I had to find out the secrets of this website.
I went on the Wayback Machine and found this link:
Its pretty strange. I dont actually know if this is supposed to be shown or has been shown but either way its pretty funny. Besides the main website, this is the only link i could find that I can access without getting a 403 (Forbidden Access). So heres the Game, you have to find hidden videos on this website. If you find one, post it on here. Let the games begin!


Doesn’t look like anything to me.


Strangely enough there’s something moving around in the background repeatedly saying:
“I feel pain, don’t shoot”

Cool stuff

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That video was one of the Discord Sneak Peeks that someone put on the discord.


I’m only curious about the fact at this video you’ve posted, the ammo count looks way better than what we do have on Virus gameworld. I want this, at least as an alternate look (after some adjustments).

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The video was made around when they started remaking the weapons.

Devs are Torturing melons? Not on my watch!


I can already see the headline: “Local Melon-Man forces Melon-Killer to become a Blackhole” (or whatever happens to the melon in the video :thinking:)

Video reported for melon abuse

that video is pretty metal

watermelon went freaking super sayan

On the video, you can see a cat with an anime face, Planet Panic Cat.
Note: Please help. I cannot stop watching this.

Yep, it was posted to the development sneak peek post last year