Finally purchased TU

It has been over a year since I made a thread (found here u5z)

I was planning on getting Tower Unite shortly after it came out, but I didn’t have the funds to buy it. But tonight, I have finally bought the game.

You probably do not know who I am, but I logged over 300 hours on GMod Tower back in 2013-14.

Without a doubt one of the funnest games I played back then and I’m glad to say I’ll be coming back. <3

I’ll see you guys when it decides to start downloading.

EDIT: I like that I can transfer my old stuff into units. That’s really neat. Everything I worked for isn’t thrown into the trash. Mac, Lifeless you the boys. Never forget.


Congratulations on purchasing TU! Enjoy your stay at the tower.

Edit 2: decided to fix it now


If that’s what you want it to be.

Thanks man. See ya around

welcome, there’s no going back

Welcome! It is a good time to hop aboard. Be sure to bookmark their Trello page if you haven’t! Very detailed roadmap of what’s to come:


Welcome back! Enjoy the game!

I remember seeing you a couple times on GMT, good to have you back!

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Thanks Omega! :smile:

I know :confused:

Thank you sir.

Good man. I needed this

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No prob. Add me on Steam if you want: Br0chure on there as well.

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only if you give me units???

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Sadly transferring units from player to player is a thing yet, nor do I think it has been considered at all

how are you liking it now?

Obviously I enjoy the fuck outta it. It’s the TOWER! How can you not enjoy it?

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