Fill in the blank

Rules are simple. User 1 types a name or phrase, User 2 fills in the blank on top and makes a name/phrase using the word they used to fill in the blank, adding another blank in the name/phrase below.
User 1: Jon____
User 2:
Tron is a good _____.
And so on.
(Note: if you get the phrase wrong, we still go on.)

I’ll start.
I believe I can ___.


(To) die is like _____.

ragequitting life.

Ragequitting life is definitely not a ____ thing to do.


life can be great if you have___ in it.

Tower Unite.

Tower Unite could be improved with ______


It seems like bagels can _____.


Dance is a very ____ activity.


Life is fun when you have_____.

Tower Unite

How many times can I plug Tower Unite? ___ times.


it only take two stabs it kill _____.


Pigs taste O.K, but it’s horrible to ___________.


Towers that unite are ________.


My friend is ___ _.

A Banana

A Banana is good when you need _____.

A weapon.

A weapon can __________.

cost 400,000 dollars.

400,000 dollars is as much money as ___.

400,000 dollars.

400,000 dollars is enough to make me a/an __________

Banana throne.

Bananas taste good and bad because monkeys_____________

Revive topics

Scrungo Bungus annoys people by ______________

Bumping 7 month old posts

7 Month old posts should be _______

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