Few questions i had in mind about the Condo Lobby


I was just wondering if somehow in the future, the condos joined from this place “Condo Lobby” were going to be some replicated system of GMod Tower with suites, but evolved for Tower Unite, by this i mean for example:

  • Walter had a very tough day, went in condo lobby, talked with the lady suite and she assigned her a condo, to rest after such a hard working day. (Let’s say condo 45)

Can we choose our condos numbers or are they randomized numbers?

  • Walter’s friend, Kevin, wanted to visit his friend’s condo, and rings the doorbell of condo 45.

Will doorbells can do a comeback from the early builds of Tower Unite?

  • After Kevin visited his friend, he went back to the main condo door, and left to the condo lobby.

Does leaving a condo will place you right infront the condo door you were at before entering? (Just like this future feature https://i.imgur.com/v1IWUCK.png)

All of this is planned



I was more focused for condos.

I know. Read that trello card. Everything you listed is on there.

Not everything.
Doorbells, and traveling from plaza to exact condo door you had when you leave yours.

Ah, yeah, fair enough. Forgot already that you mentioned those. But most of it at least is planned.

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I don’t know if a doorbell system is planned but the idea is to show up at the door you went into when you return to the plaza.

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Yeah, I wish this got smoothed over earlier. I realize it’s a lot of work, but from early dev streams it felt like we were so close, and now other things are getting attention. I know it’s not the most exciting feature to headline an update with, but I think it’s a big missing piece. Condos have NEVER felt connected to the plaza in Tower Unite.


It’s all backend changes. We’re making our own master server list. We’re nearly there.

To get to where we are now we had to

  • Completely rewrite the backend system (AGC) to handle connecting with clients (Achievement Update)
  • Create several server nodes to handle all the players (Arcade Update)
  • Create a new server master list backend/database
  • Create a system that keeps track of what servers are being hosted across the game
  • Stabilize the said backend (various updates since Achievement update)

In the past we tried Steam’s P2P system for this, but it had several draw backs, namely that Steam would go down all the time, Steam wouldn’t make a connection half the time, and only one Plaza could connect to one Condo, preventing us from showing ALL condos in ALL Plazas.

We also cannot use Steam’s master server list system for our game as it leads to incorrect player counts, which is why we had to make our own master server list.

All this stuff will allow us to:

  1. Get a list of all the hosted Condos (and who can join them)
  2. Provide this list to every Plaza
  3. Populate the doors with said Condos and various information (such as Party status, etc.)