February 2024 Dev Update

Thank you to every one of you who bought the supporter pack! It’s already been a tremendous help! The support we’ve gotten will go directly into Tower’s future. And thank you to those who have pitched in to support development in other ways!

Some updates:

  • As requested by our backers, Supporter Speed Shoes now stack with Backer Speed Shoes
  • As requested, we updated the “No DLC” statement on our store page to reduce confusion. We are still committed to keeping every content update free
  • We reached out to Steam about the supporter pack not being visible on the main store page, and have now resolved the issue and the pack should now be visible
  • We also wrapped up the last two gifts we wanted to give in the supporter pack, which are a hat and a placeable plushy. We’ll let you know when those are available to all supporters


When we first brought up the supporter pack, we said we’d give our Patreon supporters a similar gift, since patrons haven’t gotten a physical gift in the game aside from the Patron tag. Our Patrons also have been asking us for updates on this.

We’ve been making progress on this, and the main holdup is the backend work. Our current idea is that Patrons will get a different color version of the placeable plushy that we will be giving to supporters. We also will be looking into other gifts in the future, based on suggestions from our Patrons.

Some notes about the proposed gift:

  • We want this gift to be something the patrons will get to keep forever, even if they aren’t a patron anymore
  • We are planning to connect the gift to the Patron Extraordinaire tier level
  • Again, we’re still figuring out how it’ll function, but if you’re already supporting us or have supported us in the past at that tier level, you will get the gift as well!


We wanted to give you a quick update on the game’s progress!

Last month, we released Minigolf: Nostalgia and the Alpha release of Workshop Level SDK for Virus, Little Crusaders, and SDNL.

We also implemented and made progress on more in-game EXP / Unit bonus events. Look forward to Ball Race, Virus, Arcade, and Fishing events this month, as well as a desert-themed map event to celebrate the upcoming Minigolf: Haven release!

Speaking of which, we’re currently in the testing/wrap up stage for Minigolf: Haven, which should be out early this month.

As you know, optimization is a constant must for this project, and we’re working on improvements to the Plaza optimization and also Condos. We have a few updates that will be focused directly on optimization, with the first one being towards Arcade physics.

We’re making progress on level SDK improvements, such as better playtesting tools, new features such as custom sounds, moving platforms, and various bug fixes and improvements such as more interactions with IO systems.

We’ve made great progress with Dedicated Condos as well in the past week. Currently, we have a working Dedicated Condo on Linux and Windows that loads in Condo data! We’re working on getting it to connect to our server list backend and working on Workshop mod handling. We plan to get Dedicated Condos out as soon as we can, but it may not have shared inventory support initially.

For Bumper Cars, we’re still working on getting this minigame out. We’ve been touching up some artwork and adjusting gameplay. We also have been in the early stages of an Arcade update with new games.

Progress is being made on the Workshop SDK for Ball Race and Minigolf, including modular course pieces for Minigolf, which we’ll post more in our developer logs.

In other sections of development, we also have been making progress on the new Workshop player model rig, Ball Race: Eruption, and upgrading the engine to 4.22, of which we have a working build.

Also, we are doing a small pass on Minigolf: Nostalgia to fix issues reported by our players, as well as some art polish.

Thanks once again to everyone. Be sure to check our Trello and Weekly Dev Logs to get the most info on the game.

Tl;dr: thank you and we’re cookin’

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oh lawd he cookin’

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Let him cook!

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WOO HOO !! this is seriously extremely exciting, i’m really looking forward to new mini golf course along with ball race course (both games are my absolute favorites so i’m always happy for new courses!!)

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Wow! Bumper Cars finally~~~~

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