Feature Request - Item Trading

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I’m personally more a fan of keeping the only method of acquiring units and items to time and effort spent playing the game. It would also create problems such as item scamming for real world currency and begging in global chat

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man it seems that a large quantity of people (including me) really do want item trading a lot.
i came up with a way of item trading where you cant be scammed as easily, you cant trade units over easily and begging wont be as big of an issue, or at least i rather see begging in global than a bunch of spoilers sexism transform and such.

so first certain items can be traded such as the thing from the catsacks/metal detector/events that are only possible to get as a reward rather than buying (other than the cosmic catsack and big things like that) so with these type items you cant buy they can be traded (more like sold) for like their selling price - 20k/40k (max price depending on the item.
this way you can either sell a item to someone for the normal selling price of that item so you wont get any less than if you sold it, or you cant sell it for a lot.
Then there could be a daily limit of like 10 Not In Store items traded

Next for normal in store items you can trade them from 50% of buying price (aka the selling price) - 100% of the buying price (aka you selling it to someone at normal price) this way you cant be scammed on normal items since you will either sell them for normal selling price or on the other end buy them at full price in the worst case scenario.
with these it isn’t as much trading as it is selling the items to people.

i feel like direct item trading (trading items for items with no units involved) though will be a really hard thing to monitor and the selling and buying trading would probably (with some tweaks and changes) will be the only viable form of “trading” that would work that would please people who dont like the issues with trading but also kind of please people who want trading