Favourite GMT gamemode/Most hyped TU gamemode

For me this would definitely be minigolf, it had some great maps and was really relaxing most of the time. Hopefully TU brings loads of new maps, I’d love to see 10 different maps on minigolf or the rather neglected source karts.

Hard to say, so many look great!

Lazer Tag seems like it’ll be really fun. I like the looks of Accelerate. Bowling is a favorite of mine.

Virus has always been my favorite GMT gamemode, followed closely by Minigolf. For TU, I’m rather excited for the new minigolf. Based on the little footage I’ve seen, it looks like there’s going to be a lot more crazy stunts in the levels. I’m also really curious to see what gamemodes the community comes up with, considering the inclusion of the Steam Workshop.

Brain it on (I love weird trivia) and Zombie massacre (it sucked in gmtower solely because of the Source)

Virus and Accelerate. Those are my favorite. Virus was my favorite on GMT, and I’m sure it’ll be my favorite in TU.

EDIT: Also, the Horror gamemode looks enjoyably fun. It’ll be fun to try that out.

I hope that later in game development, the devs maybe make a poll based on the three best gamemodes in the workshop every month or something and then implement it in the actual games…so you can gain Units on ranked servers from it. THAT would be sweet. Or make it a free ‘Game DLC’.

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It’s funny how everyone loves minigolf, and I’m the weirdo who hates all forms of golf and ends up swearing for 20 minutes because of a stray mouse click.

My most hyped gamemode is Tiny Crusaders, it will be awesome to see chimera hunt working in unreal 4, of course without all the copyright stuff, though I can guarantee if you can mod skins and models for gamemodes, as well as make your own maps people will recreate chimera hunt, for those that want that vintage “shitbox” feeling.

Im a UCH player all the way and im waiting to see how Tiny Crusaders will turn out.

My favorite GMT gamemode was easily a tie between Minigolf, Ball Race, and Zombie Massacre. I liked Minigolf for being, well, one of the best Minigolf games I’ve ever seen! Ball Race reminded me of Super Monkey Ball (one of my favorite games on the GBA), and I loved the challenge that came with it. Zombie Massacre was pure, top-down, zombie killin’ chaos! It got to the point of where I would try to lose after playing for so many rounds because I had to leave!

As for what’s coming up, I’m hype for all of them! Horror Hill, Slaughterday, Little Crusaders, so many new things!

I love Ball Race and Minigolf. But im probably most excited for Accelerate (also Minigolf) and seeing how accelerate and minigolf are the only 2 gamemodes that arent in the game yet actuay have gameplay footage. I’m hoping they’ll be the next gamemodes for the alpha. Whenever it is that they come out

Ball Race looks pretty good but the game - mode i have most hype for (In Tower Unite) is probably accelerate or lazer tag as it sounds like a really fun idea!

I was a Virus fanatic back in GMT, but I am definitely looking forward to Little Crusaders.

Virus was a pretty good gamemode I just didnt play it enough

Ball Race and, honestly, PvP Battle. I really love how the whole thing feels Quake/Unreal Tourmanet speedy. Given how they are giving it the whole “theater” feel I actually think like it’s probably going to be a much more consistent and popular experience. It seems now days the PvP port is always empty. :anguished:

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Everyone seems to always crowd around minigolf and Virus, seeing as those pay the most it seems for being very good I.E. a good use of everyone times in the money making aspect.

I am probably most hyped for Ball Race, since I got excited from the game play demo we have experienced :smiley:

I think in Tower Unite the pay should be equalized somehow.

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Equalized how? Everyone wins the same amount?

No, so that you can’t, for example, win 900 Units for doing well in Ball Race, but then in Virus for doing well you get 2500. I think it should be balanced so that those who do well in games get nearly the same money so that people play the games they want to rather than the ones that pay the most.


I’m excited for Panic at Horror Hill but I’m scared once you play it a few times you’ll know everything that could happen.
Little Crusaders also looks fun but I feel bad for the devs that have to rig and animate the dragon XD