Favourite Character Bingo

this is a cool meme so share your sheets fellows

i’ll be surprised if anyone can name even half of these characters

here’s the template btw

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holy shit i got every concievable bingo combination


Challenge accepted.

First row: Don’t know, looks like a gender bent Shy Guy, the girl from A Hat in Time, Don’t know, maybe the Space Channel 5 girl

Second row: Don’t know, Doomguy, Kirby, Dokkaebi from R6: Siege, Don’t know

Third row: Don’t know (maybe a Guardian from Destiny), Hoxton from Payday, Don’t know, Tuchanka from R6: Siege

Fourth row: Postal Dude, looks like Tucker from Red vs Blue, that one tv host from Splatoon 2 (forgot her name), looks like Tommy Wiseau (or whatever his character from The Room was called), Don’t know

Last row: Johnny Gat (appears to be his Agents of Mayhem rendition), maybe one of the characters from Hotline Miami (never played it but I know one of them wore a chicken mask), Don’t know, Don’t know, Caboose from Red vs Blue.

I know if got at least 10 for sure.

1st: dongonrampa maybe, shy guy as girl, hat girl, dont know, fortnite
2nd:looks like dangonrampa again,doom guy,idk a pik blob(joke), dokkebai looks like danganrampa again
3rd: hi-tec tachanka, pay-day, free space, thermite, tachanka
4th postal, halo, pearl i think(splatoon), belemic tommy waisu, that guy from that bad show the IT crowd i think
5th: my bae fookin’ Johnny Gat <3, hotline miami, bill cypher, barney, halo

First on the third row looks like an Overkill Bulldoser from payday 2.
Bottom middle is YV from Nuclear Throne.
Easy list tbh

Here’s my comically low-effort character sheet. It’s pretty horrendous because I only spent about 2 minutes making it.

I only reconise my little pony, RWBY, journey, todoroki, bastion and thats it

I have no idea what todoroki is. Lol. That’s definitely not up there. Which one looks like that? I can tell you what it actually is

EDIT: Ah, its a My Hero Academia character. I don’t see any up there that look like him though.

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BlooKirby’s bingo
First row: Chiaki Nanami, Rule 63 Shyguy, Hat Kid, Chihiro Fujisaki, ???
Second row: Nagito Komaeda, Doomguy, Kirby, ???, Ibuki Mioda
Third row: Bulldozer, Hoxton, FREE SPACE, ???, ???
Fourth row: Postal Dude, ???, Marina, ???, ???
Fifth row: ???, Jacket, Bill Cipher(?), Gordon Frohman(?), ???

Balian’s bingo
First row: ???, ???, ???, Elizabeth, Chihiro Ogino(?)
Second row: ???, ???, ???, Yang Xiao Long(?) , Kiki
Third row: ???, Pinkie Pie, FREE SPACE, Rainbow Dash, ???
Fourth row: Satsuki Kusakabe, The Kid, ???, ???, Ruby Rose
Fifth row: ???. ???, ???, ???, Weiss Schnee(?)

chiaki is best girl

How dare you, that show created some of the better memes out there.

@balianthemighty: Paprika has been on my watchlist for ages (Should I?), rings a bell but I might confuse it with something else that rings a bell, don’t know, Elizabeth, Chihiro. And from the ones not identified by others yet, Elfenlied and Azumanga Daioh.

@Dylaniza: IT, Pokémon, Doctor Who, Labyrinth, Pan’s Labyrinth, Bowser and Babysitter.

Okay, I put WAAAY too much effort into this:


No it’s my niegbor todoroki or something right at the top right corner

Fine I gotta make one

Are you tring to pronounce this?

Right top corner is Chihiro from “Spirited Away”, the Totoro Character is in Row 4 Square 1.

The Sandwich is a free space because it’s just a sandwich the they get harder as you go down(I know thats not what im supposed to do but YOLO) The hardest is the very last and if you get it I’ll be your friend!

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Sully, Mike, Mario, Luigi, Spiderman
joker, Batman, Rick, Morty, Cat in the hat?
n/a, n/a, sally the sandwich, Perry the Platypus, Brian
n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a
n/a, n/a, n/a, clock from dhmis, n/a.
I got the easiest row at least :disappointed_relieved:

It is cat in the hat! good job with 2

Left of free space: Asuna (SOA)
Row 4: Something LEGO, Ike, don’t know, don’t know, Johnny Gat