Favoriting Items Could be a Little More Obvious

I feel like the favorite feature in the condo inventory isn’t really made too obvious, to the point I forget it exists every now and then. I think this is mostly because the grey heart icon blends in with the rest of the inventory menu (until you move the mouse over it and it becomes bright pink).

I think it would help if the grey heart icon was darker and if there was a little pop-up that said something like “Added to Favorites” when you click on the heart, since that way the heart icon would stand out more, and what clicking the heart icon does would be more obvious.

Wait…there’s a favorites feature for the condo inventory? The hell long has that been there. Lol

They plan on reworking it iirc. The feature’s always been so weird to use with how the heart colours don’t make any sense and there’s no feedback after clicking.

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