Favorite Virus weapon?

The question’s in the title, I’ve been playing a lot of Virus and I realized it’s impossible for me to play without a Sci-Fi Handgun. Seriously it’s just the best thing ever, it’s a powerful weapon and the bullets bounce on surfaces like crazy, I love it :heart_eyes:

Flak cannon. But it only has 4 shots, so I’m with you.

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Sonic Shotgun.

The double barrel (My tip: The Double Shot)

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I used to be really deadly with the Double Barreled back in GMT, so that was my favorite. I never used the right click feature, I felt that the left click was powerful enough. If the first shot didn’t kill, the second would (assuming I got the aim right, the quick move speeds made that part a bit difficult). I haven’t been as effective with it for TU, but that’s probably because of the lack of bullet prediction (it was pretty OP anyways, I still think it needs a nerf).

But let’s be honest here, Adrenaline is the real MVP.


the gun with infinite ammo, if you spam it you basically shoot infinite ammo every milisecond
i think that’s a bug

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The Double Barrel was the classic in Gmodtower.

The NEW classic, however, has to be the new Sonic Shotgun.

The tommy gun makes it easy to spray near the head for a guaranteed headshot. The SPAZ is also really good.

Probably the double barrel shotgun

Plasma gun :3