Favorite artist or song

I checked pretty thoroughly, and im like 80% sure this topic doesn’t exist yet. So, just list it below and maybe a link to the artist so other people can check their music out. For example:

Mine is cage the elephant, drones in the valley. Here is their music.

I thought we had a music thread already, and an underrated electro artist thread.

We do. The Music Thread can be found here. That being said, he is asking for a specific favorite, so it’s all good.

I don’t have a particular favorite, but the band with whom I have the most songs is Rammstein.

If you’re into diverse German industrial metal, they’re your group :heart_eyes:

My favorite song changes depending on the month, but my current favorite is The Girl by Hellberg (Color Source Remix)

Slade - Run Runaway
(this one is without the lengthy drum intro)


flume is amazing.

I’ve just discovered one of my new favorite songs. Thank you, you legend!

Fox Stevenson~

Rammstein is amazing. Not my favorite band but they’re up there.

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I have 2 go to favorite bands. Linkin Park and Owl City. Love both bands. Haven’t heard a song yet by Linkin Park that I don’t like and only one from Owl City that I don’t like (the imagery in Dental Care is so creepy).

Here are my favorite songs by both bands:

Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo

Owl City - Hot Air Balloon

My favorite artist is definitely EDEN (formerly known as The Eden Project) and this has been my favorite song for nearly a year. :smiley: