Fatal Error on launch - Caused by Oculus

So, long story short, to make the game crash on launch, all you need to do is have Oculus open in the background. And this means any Oculus program, including the full thing, OVRLibraryService, so on and so forth. You have to manually end each and every Oculus task before running Tower Unite.

If you want me to send logs, I can - as soon as I figure out how.

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for zipping it, i recommend using 7 zip and uploading the zip file to Mega then posting it here, that’s how i do it atleast

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When the devs said TU cannot support VR yet I thought it meant it cannot played with a VR headset yet, Not crashing the game

Alright, here’s the logs.

The devs did indeed say they weren’t going to support VR for a while. Their focus is on the base game, I believe.

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Yeah but I find it funny that TU is so not compatible with VR that having it connected crashes your game

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