"Fastest lap" payout seems a bit unfair

I get the point of the payout, as more skilled players have a chance to get some extra units even if item luck means they don’t end up in first place.

However, in practice, it seems like worse players end up getting the faster lap times, as lower placement results in getting more boost items to help catch players up with the higher-placing players, resulting in lower lap times. In a couple of games I played, I was one of the worse players, but ended up getting the payout consistently due to moon power + melons.

Just something to consider and possibly tweak, depending on what the intentions of the payout were.


This is also something that can be abused. If you don’t complete a lap, your fastest lap will be 0:00.00.

The rewards for bestlap are greater than taking first place, and
There’s no point in trying too hard.

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Best Lap payout should get reduced, also place payout should get doubled (Cause I think these payouts are pretty small ).
I think that would be fair for everyone, mostly for people who try their best to reach 1st, 2nd or 3rd.