Fast Travel Map



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  • Map of Plaza
  • Board that lets you click on places and teleport to them


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This is gonna be useful.



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Can we get some pogchamps in the chat
I’ve waited for ages for this, super hype

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I hope there is a “nerf” to the jetpack. Its kind annoying and silly to see everyone flying around instead of anything else.

I really hope not. This game is supposed to be silly. It gives you the freedom to move around the world how you choose to. Be it the jetpack, the launchers, the speed shoes, any of the upcoming movement items, or just walking. Nobody benefits from a jetpack Nerf and it would be completely pointless.


Yeah, you are probably right.

ok so: launchers, a monorail, speed shoes, a jetpack, elevators, teleporters and now an upcoming fast travel map
(the map was used a looot in lobby 2 though)



Will the Fast Travel Maps be replacing the lobby launch pads? @Caboose700

no i think it will just be an addition since people like to walk, people like to fly, people like to launch and some people just want to quickly teleport

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Nope, just another way to travel.


Personally I think replacing the launch pads would be a good idea. They take up a lot of space, and seemed like they were more of a bandage over the issue of no quick travel, totally temporary. I think with the map and the launchers, places will be too crowded (especially on the stairs to the beach and ESPECIALLY at the exit of the subway station, which is the first thing players see). I think having maps only would be a lot better and cleaner.


I really like to mess around with the launch pads, please don’t remove them!

I second this, I’ve never been a fan of the launch pads either. Every single person I’ve introduced to the game has accidentally walked onto one and freaked out wondering what’s happening. It just feels kinda sloppy.

I much preferred the “You Are Here” signs. It made the plaza feel more like an attraction / amusement park and overall helped the setting. Plus it provided a general layout of the map informing players what everything was and where you can find it.

I feel like the reason we haven’t gotten those signs back is because the devs may want to make it a personal item like a jetpack, but if that’s the case I don’t see why we can’t have both.

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The signs aren’t back because literally they haven’t been worked on much. Unreal doesn’t have an easy way to have interactable signs like GMod did. Unreal’s method doesn’t work in multiplayer to top it off. We have a limited amount of programmers, and they’ve been busy with much more core and complex things. That’s the only reason fast travel boards weren’t made yet.


im guessing you mean Much.

This is totally fine, I’m just commenting that it’s clear the pads were temporary til we get boards. They worked well to get us to the point of getting boards, but once the boards are here I think the pads should go.