Fast Forward & Pause Videos in Public Lobbies


I’d like to suggest an option for us to fast forward & pause in the media player or start a video at a time mark, similar to how you can link youtube videos starting at a specific time. You can set it to as the person who queued up the video is allowed to fast forward as anyone else who doesn’t like the content could just vote to skip.

This isn’t exactly the same, but if you’re the condo host/have the media player admin permission, you can seek to a specific part of the video. I think it’s the bar at the bottom of the menu that shows up when you press Q in front of a media player


Yeah I’m happy I can at least do that at my condo, but I was kinda hoping for it in public lobbies :slight_smile:

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Well, I mean, you can’t just sit down in a public movie theater and hit fast forward, so…


In all seriousness, though, I think it’s fine. Like I said, it kinda has real world parallels. You can fast forward in a public movie theater but you can at home.

Also can’t fly around in a public movie theater, the convenience of fast-forward wont break the forth wall any more than flying around like a demon.


lol this. I’m a sentient milk carton, my immersion isn’t being broken by this.

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You know there are other media players than the ones in the theatre right haha. I feel like this situation is more of a “why not” and if your argument against this is for immersion then my quarter size roomba character would like to talk

I guess that came across the wrong way. Its not an immersion thing. Its just that how would it even work. If someone walks into the theater, doesn’t like the part that’s playing, decides to fast forward it, but then someone else that was already in and watching it now has to rewind it, but then the other person fast forwards it again, cue infinite loop. My point was, it wouldn’t work for tower, for the same reason it wouldn’t work in real life.

That’s why I said the person who queued up the video would be in control of that, not just anyone. And if people watching it didn’t like the content then they can vote to skip

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The person who queued the video will host the video and have control of pause, fast-forward and rewind.