Fanart a friend of mine made for TU

Hello TU community, i wanted to show off some fanart a friend of mine made. i’ve been a huge fan of Towers since the Gmod days and convinced my friends to give it a try, and one of them made some fanart, depicting me and my friends as our most-used character model in TU.

Dark Voyage Fanart
Zombie Massacre Fanart
Plaza Fanart

he did a bunch more of them and posted them on his personal deviantart account, i have his full permission to post his pictures and if you wish to see more or other art of him. here’s a link to the Deviantart page of my friend i hope you like the pictures as much as i did.


You friend’s art is really eye catching! They did a fantastic job with it, very talented~

You can also upload the images here rather than use weblinks btw

Thats some nice art your friend did. Quick question though. I recognize The Flash, the Goose from Untitled Goose Game, and what appears to be Sayori from DDLC, but who’s that fourth player model.

That would be Tanya from the Anime The Saga of Tanya the Evil. and yes, the other 3 are all correct.

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Proves how little i use forums. i knew there was a way to post the picture itself, but i had no idea how to.

also thanks for the compliments, i’ll send those his way.

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Incredible, I love it!

Ah, ok. Never heard of it, so no wonder I didn’t recognize her.