[Fan-made] Weekly TU Tournaments with prizes


Hey i wanted to let everyone know that i will be hosting regular Tower Unite Tournaments that will go through a variety of game modes and challenges to compete.

Things like…

  1. Mini Golf
  2. Little Crusaders
  3. Virus
  4. Laser Tag
  5. Ball Race.
    and many more, with added custom challenges to. (Some even made within condos)

Each tournament will have a set number of rounds and every players will be given the chance to place as high in the scoreboard as they can. The scoring system works by adding up each of every player’s placements each round. Then the player with the least points at the end wins.

For Example… If there is 3 rounds, 1st round you place 7th, 2nd round you place 2nd and 3rd round you place 1st. The scoring will be as follows…

7 + 2 + 1 = 10 Points. The player with the least points at the end of all rounds wins.

Prizes will include things like, Bluetooth earphones, Drones, Bracelets, Portable chargers, Smart Watches, Cameras, Phone cases, etc.

Prizes will vary alot, meaning some tournaments could offer a prize worth 85 USD / 60 GBP and others could only offer a prize worth 25 USD / 15 GBP.

Please let me know what you guys think? :slight_smile:

Congratulations to xSklzx Dokkaebi for winning the Bluetooth earphones last night.
and to show we are legit we will be offering out all prizes for the first few tournaments via collect+ so we will not require your address, you can just pick it up from a close location. This is optional still though.

We hope this encourages fun and engaging competitions on TU and brings some more life to this beloved game.

Message me on Steam my username is CM Djent. Also discord will be opened soon. please comment below your discord name if you wish to be added when its opened.


Wow, that’s alot of worthy items


We hope to encourage lots of players to get involved and to make the game more regularly played.


This sounds like a good time, my discord is Dawrfer#0502


My discord is Vyte#9851

I cant find you on steam anywhere though lol, when searching up your name only a single result shows in steam whose name is “Bic Boii”