Fan-made Catsack playermodel


So does anyone remember this?
It’s my buff-catsack artwork
Well as a running joke among a few of us, I’ve been saying that i’d love to make him a 3D Model, either for workshop, or just for personal use. And that’s exactly what i did.

Right now he has a broken rig I mean he has no rig, so dont expect any posed renders yet

All the Works in Progress below

You totally cant see his messed up weighting in that render nope.


I am 100% here for this.


This is terrifying.


God left (Dissconnect by user)


Does anyone here have a trash can I can throw up in?




It’s time!


I don’t know how to feel about this. Should i feel afraid or enlightened?


This reminds me of that “Non-sack Catsack” playermodel from a year ago on these forums. Is there some sort of connection?

For those uninitiated, the model first discussed here is what I’m referring to.


No, I linked the connection at the top of the thread. It’s based off my own work and ideas


I think you have cursed us.
Bromham, that is quite good.


videogames are art


Here you can borrow mine

Now if you'll excuse me


Thanks! I’m scared.


Please Don’t


I mean… it’s too late, he exists now :eyes:




GoldBuffCatsack for laughs