Family Sharing?

A (hopefully) simple question.

Will Tower Unite have Family Sharing on full release?

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If you are talking about the system where you can play someone else’s games when they aren’t playing anything, I believe @macdguy has said that that will be possible.

Some games aren’t available through family sharing? I didn’t know there’s games that don’t allow this feature.

Games that have third party DRM, like GTA V for instance, can’t be family shared.

@macdguy’s response to that thread wasn’t exactly clear. I’m hoping he or another staff member could clarify.

It works like other Steam games, as in, yes there is family sharing.

There’s some games that can’t be shared, though. Saying ‘works like other Steam games’ wasn’t a clear answer.
Thanks for clarifying, though!

Well, we won’t be using any third party DRM.