Fallout 4 leak poll

Have you seen the leaked footage from Gamescom 2015?

  • I’ve seen it.
  • I haven’t seen it.
  • I haven’t but want to see it.
  • I haven’t and don’t want to see it.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not posting links nor showcasing the footage. If you want to see, just Google it lol. This is just out of curiosity :smiley: .

My favorite part was the two guys shoulders blocking the view 90% of the time :U


Haven’t seen it yet. I am curious to see how the game ends up being, but honestly, I won’t probably buy it until the price drops to a comfortable one. :pensive:

I never played Fallout and honestly I don’t really care about the whole game

I’ve seen it, and the really only new thing was the perk tree.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it or just doesn’t know, the way it works is your selection of perks is available based on your SPECIAL stats, kind of like in 3/NV. The difference is these perks also control skills, i.e. skills are no longer available. Right now, I’m okay with it, because it was insanely easy to max out a single skill over the course of a couple levels. In New Vegas, for example, I could use every gun before level 10. This seems to fix the issue, but we won’t know until release.

I don’t care to see footage of a game I want prior to its release. I want it all fresh!


I saw it and it honestly wasn’t anything special at all. The perk tree looks cool, but you can barely see it (along with everything else in the video). Everything is just so… blurry and out of focus. Either that some shoulders are blocking the view. I’m sure Bethesda will put their nice, high-quality version of it up soon anyways.