Fallout 4 Character Planner!

Someone released a Fallout 4 character planner!

Please share what your builds are going to be!
Here is a confirmed (incomplete) list of names Codsworth is able to say: http://orcz.com/Fallout_4:_Recorded_Names_List

This will be my first character:

Tfw my name is not on the list

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@DrDoctor Try having the name Parrish, not exactly a common name.

Once a fan-favorite vaudeville strongman and fisticuffs champion, Edward “Suave Pierre” Peterson must now survive the wasteland the only way he knows how: by punching things.

I’m going with an all rounder character with more points in charisma and intelligence for greater experience gain and to be able to talk my way out of any sticky situations… The extra point in strength is to be able to carry more stuff around earlier in the game.

same :pensive:

Einar here. Good luck finding my name on anything. I tend to just tell people I’m called Dan since thats my middle name.