Fake or Real

I let you decide if it is real or fake

Personal opinion: Real

Must watch this first


Fake or Real ?

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fake :ok_hand::smirk:



I love how in the third one, it’s just a guy standing and waving his arms like a dumbass in a little wind cyclone. These things happen naturally, and if you like in a city (or not, they’re really common) you’ll probably be able to notice one on a windy day if there’s leaves or sand around. I used to do this shit in third grade.

Fake pls dont go outside and flail your arms around it makes people uncomfortable

who said i do lol i just gave my opinion

Fake as ****

I never said anyone did, I’m just telling you not to.

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Somebody kill this stupid topic. Why does it make me angry that people are so stupid or gullible? Fake or Gay? Fact: Fake and Gay.

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