Fairly Large Content Creator

Hello! I’m Ark, otherwise known as Ark_Builder. I’m a fairly large content creator on mainly TikTok, but I do upload on YouTube and stream on Twitch. I’m always recording , streaming, and interviewing players around Tower Unite. I use this amazing game as a social network to connect with people all around the world and hear their stories. I love every aspect of this game and I’ve been playing since Gmod Tower. However I have taken a few long hiatuses. If you know me you either know me from my content but if you don’t know me I’d love to get to know you!


Welcome to the forums! P.S. I’ve actually seen a few of your TikToks on my FYP.

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Hope you enjoyed them and thank you! Very glad to be here.

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You have a sweet condo haha

Welcome Ark! Judging by the documentary idea you’ve already brought to the forums, I can see you’re going to be an amazing addition to the Tower Unite community! I hope you stick around. :smiley:


Welcome to the forums name stealer!
Enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to the forums!

Everybody gangsta till Rob is interviewed.


Welcome to TU!

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