Factorio Server: "Worldpool"

@Max4344 @SurelyExploding @EbolafromMenola

Btw for anyone who has factorio and is wanting to join, just join the Factorio Discord channel: https://discord.gg/0tAOlaIpslkMlpIN

###Im bored… so here is a story

I had created the original world, built upon it alone. Soon I found myself to be under consent attack. Unable to survive by myself any longer. I enlisted the help of Areami and Surely.

Soon after their arrival, progress was being made again, expansions added, ripping down old inefficient set-ups. We started upgrading ourselves: Heavy Armour, quickly replaced by basic modular armour then upgraded to power Armour.

We had enough of the fight always being at our walls. So we took the fight to the enemy bases. Taking them out one by one, stealing their artefacts and turning them into science. Using that science to create better fighting machines such as Tanks.

But we noticed… We weren’t the only ones getting more powerful.

To Be Continued…?

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Sort of tied between picking up Stardew or Factorio right now.

If I ever actually get round to picking up Factorio joining this server will probably be one of the first things I do.

I recommend Factorio. If you are planning on getting it, buy it from their website rather then steam.

You dont have to use the steam version to join, Plus dont you get a steam key from the factorio website now?

You should be able to

You are able to. Thats what I did. Ive had the game since 2014 and saw it was on steam and got pissed as I thought I would have to Re-buy it.

But the key thing worked so its all good. Servers don’t go through Steam still, its all done by IP’s and portfowarding