Eyewear cosmetic items with special effects (post processing, shaders, filters, etc.)

This suggestion thread concerns items that apply to the Glasses category under the Appearance menu

So I’ve had this idea burning at the back of my head for a few days now where certain pieces of eyewear have an effect on the screen, and what spurred it on was this post in the Item Suggestions Thread about arcade themed glasses that apply a pixelation effect to the screen and thought that it could be fledged out some more…

For existing items…

  • Square Glasses (U1,250)
    “You will see nothing but pixels.”
    (Applies pixelation effect to the screen)

  • Noseclip Glasses (U3,000)
    (As above but applies green monochrome pixelation effect to the screen)

  • 3D Glasses (U500)
    “Play Tower… in 3D! Only in select theaters.”
    (Applies red-cyan stereoscopy to the scene, so that actual 3D specs can be worn in real life to take advantage of the effect)

  • Shutter Shades (U1,500)
    “It’s like looking through window blinds everywhere you go.”
    (Draws multiple horizontal soft-edged black bars across the screen)

  • Heart Glasses (U6,000)
    “Baby don’t hurt me.”
    (Heart bokeh effect on light sources - but I’m not even sure if this one is feasible)

New items suggestions… (unless? :point_right::point_left:)

  • X-Ray Specs
    “Inside everyone is a spooky, scary, skeleton!”
    (Forces all players and human NPCs to render as default skeletons)

  • Beer Goggles
    “Now you can experience the sensation of having had one too many without having one too many!”
    (Permanent drunkness effects until unequipped, painkillers have no effect, drunkness related achievements won’t trigger)

  • Rasta Banana’s Glasses
    “These spectacles remain federally outlawed in 12 states.”
    (Permanent chromatic aberration, afterimages, motion blur, and tunnel vision until unequipped.)

I’d like this as long as you can disable the visual effects, I could see this being very annoying especially for people who already use those existing items listed if you couldn’t


They could also function as hotbar wearables, only you’re limited to equipping one at a time