Extremely late introduction

Today marks the day when I became a regular and today marks the day when I made my introduction I have great passions in technology, chemistry, biology, physics, electricity, space, and more. You will find me around here a lot I view almost every post that is not in the bug or support section. if something really peaks my interest I will comment on that post. I hope you will come to find me as a reasonable guy. Thanks for reading my little intro.


Uh, is it even possible to keep track of that many different subjects?

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Yes, they are passions I don’t actually study them I just kinda play around with them.

If you were passionate about all those things why do you only play around with them?

Hope you continue to enjoy your time in the tower :smiley_cat:

Manly because I don’t have time and space to do anything other than play around with them. This year I am planning to make a workbench in one of the corners of my room and do stuff on there.

Welcome buddy. Nice to see your late post here. lol

Welcome! Only just saw this post :smiley:

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