Extra time to bowl

So fifteen seconds does seem like a decent amount of time to set up your throw. I have noticed that I could use a little more time to set up that throw even if I already had copied a link from Youtube or Soundcloud to paste into the media player settings. I’d say it couldn’t hurt to extend that time to 25 or even 30 seconds. Would it be too much to ask to alter that time span, or could someone see a downside to a change like this?
In the event that you have two or more people in a lane, perhaps there could be an option to skip the frame and return to that frame when you’re ready, though that would probably take a considerable amount of time and effort to implement. But hey, I thought I might brainstorm while I’m here.

Bowling definitely doesn’t need to be even longer. On a 4 player game this could stand to add 20 minutes to a session (10 frames x 2 bowls per frame x 4 players x 15 seconds / 60 seconds). Bowling is long enough and 15 seconds is a good timing.


I was thinking about it, and I can understand that it could boost a game from a maximum of 315 seconds of setup + however long it takes for the ball to be thrown down the lane currently and could certainly double that setup time. With that said, I really haven’t seen a bowling game that has such a strict time limit let alone any time limit on setting up and throwing the ball, and nothing is stopping players from just clicking and moving the cursor down and up quickly.

Ok but have any of those bowling games been minigames inside a multiplayer virtual world games. I’ve played a shitload of virtual world games and the multiplayer portions have always had strict time limits so that people cant delay the game. It’s really just the nature of multiplayer games in general, not even just limited to virtual world games.


Yep, PlayStation Home, Nebula Realms, Wii Sports, and even Gmod Cinema servers that built their own bowling game modes, not to mention other games that are strictly based on bowling.
It’s an artificial limit and can certainly be done away with. It’s really my only issue with the bowling game on here.

The limit is annoying when trying to use the media player. Maybe extend/remove it when there’s only 1 person on the lane. +1

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Haven’t bowled in Nebula Realms but PS Home did have limits, Wii Sports isn’t online, and Cinema wasn’t designed for that, so that’s irrelevant.

On this note something should be done about bowling’s arbitrary waiting. Waiting on the pins to reset every single turn makes me avoid playing bowling with more than 2 players. :upside_down_face:

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I can live with this concession. Most of the time I can’t find people to bowl with anyway.

I don’t have any trouble bowling with a 15 second timer, I never feel rushed trying to throw the ball.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me like the reason you want the time extended is to allow for time to set up the media player. Perhaps there could be a small “set-up” time before the bowling game begins which allows players to add to the queue as opposed to extending the bowl time. Ideally, the gameworld ready-up system could be implemented for this as well, so the game can just get going if everyone’s ready.

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Yeah, I’d say it could work for a solution, but I would think that just extending the current time would be an easier solution. Still, giving some time to use the media player would be nice.

15 seconds is more than enough to even prepare your shot and decide what you want to do, sometimes i feel 15 seconds is a little too much. If it’s related to the media player, just have YouTube on stand-by or build a playlist. You can definitely add to the player while it’s not your turn.