Extra Incentives to Stay in the Casino

After the introduction of Phase 2 of the Casino on Trello, I thought of some extra ideas that will keep people stimulated while in the casino.

  • Every so often a message pops up while at slot machine’s asking if you’d like a drink (waiter)
  • I know this has been mentioned before, but a media player while sitting at the slot machine is never a bad thing
  • Ability to drink with friends in the lounge area
  • Casino themed shop? (Like in GTA Online)

I do apologize if some or all of these have been suggested before, but just thought I’d throw out the idea!

I love all these ideas.


The first one seems more like an interruption more than anything, it’s a fun idea and it’s thematic but it just seems a bit intrusive? I do think there’s nothing wrong with the other ones though.

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I see what you mean, it would be a small blue box in the bottom right that would affect your gameplay - you would click y or something and it would bring you a drink, otherwise, go away in 10-15 seconds (as shown by a white bar that’s moving across the box)

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Perhaps an incentive to switch between games or play games that are multiple players (maybe a multiplier or some reward items?)

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Casino themed shop would be neat. Besides obvious items it could include, I imagine some silly items such as an oversized stack of casino chips or oversized dice as a furniture item on which you can sit.

EDIT: Solitaire and Mahjong machines would be neat additions to the Casino.