Exterior of Condos?

I feel like this may be a bit of a silly question or two. I’m fully aware that the interior of the condos can be almost entirely customized, but I had some thoughts that I wasn’t so sure about.

  • Will you be able to customize the exterior of the condos (in regards to pools, decks, water features, etc.)?


  • For the outsides themselves, will there be unique external appearances for each floor of the tower (i.e. if you’re on a lower level you are closer to the ground and have a balcony above your own, and if you’re on the top level you have a very large view with nothing above you)?

This is not to say that each individual room will have its own unique skybox, but perhaps it could be done by floor instead. But idunno, i just had these thoughts and was curious about what was gonna happen with these.

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I think customizing which pool you have outside would be a cool addition to outside condo customization. Maybe determining where balconys should be located too.

well I’m not sure about it, I mean, they said that the landscape could be customizable, so making something adaptive with balcony

I have this idea for condo exterior that breaks reality of being in a building but it’s so worth it.

Basically I want the condo to sit on an ocean front like a small island and you have a big deck and beach to walk on.


as it’s going, maybe we can have a dozen other kind of exterior to choose (if possible), the default one is good, The beach is amazing (for some reason I wished for this) but how about:
-Space dome on a meteor
-inside of a cave/ice cave/volcano
-in the middle of a jungle
-underwater dome
-snowy mountain top view
-in the desert near an oasis
-forest with waterfall
-the void (?)

Because I don’t think everyone would want to be near the beach (a lot yes but then everyone has preferences)



I’d have my condo be on one of the floating islands of Midori, or just about anywhere other than attached to the Tower if we get to choose the exterior.

Ah, I see. I can’t wait to see how the final product of that will look :3

I like the idea of choosing where our condo is. Guess you could chalk it up to holo-screens or something like that.

Could start with a couple (such as the beach, mountain, tower) and have the rest added via updates.