Exploring map

With the up coming map expansion could we add some scuba gear, boats, submarines, etc.? and could we add some tropical stuff around Tower? Around GMtower and Tower unite Alpha I see alot of greenery and trees ans stuff maybe we could explore? thanks for reading :smiley:


Well that could be a nice idea, given that devs/staff and members of forum understand exactly what is being asked here. I will complement your idea with an example picture.

Imagine this island with the Tower Unite in the center, and the rest of the island open for you to explore, plus some of its sea water open for your to ride a yatch, and have beach parties.


Already confirmed feature.

But I would total dig if we could have a thriving island, even if it would be a small one.

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I want yachts , if possible with interior, for yatch parties, also regular fireworks display at beach at midnight

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I believe this was a feature that the devs were considering!
Also, yachts would be hella sweet.

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Actually, being able to leave the Plaza just to go explore sounds like a great idea! I can imagine moving along the beach with a metal detector and looking for anything interesting. Perhaps there could be small little buildings or shops near the shore.

However, signs and such would need to be implemented to prevent players from getting lost. The outside area shouldn’t be too big, but it shouldn’t be too small either. Since the Plaza is the main area of the game, players need a way to get back there without much effort.

This idea would be awesome! It would also tie in nicely with that parkour suit idea to add areas you couldn’t normally reach (Parkour course up the side of a mountain anyone?)

Actually i meant more types of boats to add diversity like yachts, sail boats, etc.