Expansion upon Musical Instruments

-Have handheld instruments that you can pull out of your inventory and play anywhere (like flutes, trumpets, tubas, etc.)
-add a ride cymbal to the drum kit
- and be able to change the kit’s color
-have the option to change the sounds that the keyboard makes (samples of things like an organ, or a xylophone, etc.)

harmonica please :​) (with different keys maybe? and note bending? :))) )


Please add a kalimba at some point:

I’d also like an accordion, but I think you’d need like 4 hands if it were on a keyboard, and maybe a second keyboard:

The only way I can see accordion working is if you were able to create the songs first and then play them after, so if you have a sheet music item for example, and then add it to the accordion, it would play whatever notes were on the sheet music.

Otamatone pleeeease


Is this the equivalent of a note block?

otamatones are basically wowozelas :^)

Hurdy Gurdy. While playing

Hold Space to play melody strings. Use keyboard to play other notes.

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