EXP/Unit Boosting Food/Drink at Project 12 or Fresh

Getting a 1.10% boost in EXP or Units would be a change that a lot of players would use while also being not an absurd amount of boost. It would encourage other players to visit parts of the map they normally don’t go to, as long as they serve food and drinks. It could be timed EXP boosts or Unit boosts for roughly an hour before they would need to go and eat or drink again, but I think this would be a really cool addition that would make the Plaza seem more alive than it does right now.

Sounds annoying to me. Borders on a needs system. Eat something every hour for an XP boost? That’s a hard no from me. There are much, much better way to handle XP boosts (such as the currently implemented Double XP weekend). Shoveling boosts into new, unnecessary gameplay mechanics (the need to eat food) is not the way to do it.


Kinda funny, i do this in ffxiv all the time, but exp earning is a much bigger aspect in that game, not sure if this fits TU