Exiting turret in Courtyard Villa makes you fall through ground

Exiting the unlockable Turret from Zombie Massacre on flat ground in the Courtyard Villa makes you fall through the ground, forcing you to noclip back up.

Steps to Reproduce

Place the Turret on the stone path by the basketball court (or anywhere seen in the video), Enter it, then exit it

What I expected to happen

I’d leave the turret. Simple as that.

What happened

I fell through the ground and into water underneath the map, and had to go into noclip to get back to the map.

Notes / Media

I haven’t tested this on other maps, I just randomly found this and tried it in a few other spots. Notably, I did not fall through the ground while it was in the basketball court, or on an angled surface. I recorded a video to showcase, posting it through youtube because It doesn’t let me post the video file. Tower Unite Glitch - YouTube

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Thanks for the report. I believe this is happening because when you aim up with the turret, the seat goes into the ground when you exit. I’ll work on a fix.