Every kid in Ball Race. (+poll)

These are real quotes from people in BR. Enjoy:
“The host needs better internet, i clearly beat him by a mile”
“LoL, You suck haha”
“im not bragging for you to have better internet you need it you poor lil cunt”
“wow youre collecting melons because you cant get the bonus from being first haha”

Share the quotes you herd from stupid people in BR.
poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/13747486

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I sometimes see these kinda people, but I just keep thinking about the units I’m gonna get.
At the same time I know what’s it like to have over 200 ping in a game, but hey complaining ain’t gonna fix it.

Next time you want to make polls you can make em like this

How much do you see these people in ball race and other gameworlds?

  • Literally every time.
  • A lot
  • Not as much
  • barely ever
  • like once
  • never

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“stop getting bananas i need them to solve diarrhea you cunt” -no one ever

Sure they have high ping. But some of these guys had a ping of like…80. also I don’t know how to make polls look like this



Amazing… I love this :joy:

I hope you stole it.
The first place and the girlfriend.


I play for fun
That’s what this game is for


Not trying to defend the assholes but I’ve always hated this excuse. Fun is an entirely subjective term. Different people find different things fun. Some people find winning fun, others find just relaxing and playing without a care fun, just about anything could be considered fun to someone.


Once I was playing GLXY and ppl wanted me to leave cause I was winning. They also said they wanted me to leave because the lobby was for “friends only”… Keep in mind this was a public lobby and I didn’t know anybody on it. Whenever I got in 1st 2nd or 3rd this one guy called me a “tryhard” and a “faggot” for “speedrunning” even though (not bragging) I wasnt really trying very hard. It was quite obnoxious after the 4th or so round but it was still funny as shit.

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I see where youre coming from
It’s okay to be competitive but not TOO competitive
People just need to relax and enjoy this wonderful game

I can’t relax I got to get all of them melonz

Why would you want a 8-year old girlfriend?

Actually now i understand, okay.

Yea mate assholes Have “FUN” when saying stuff like that.

I call host advantage on others when I’m the host.