[Europe] No official Pixeltail server showing up for me?


Today I was visiting someones hosue and told them how I never seem to find a Plaza server that has players online. He told me to go to the official Plaza with the Pixeltail tag. He said that If i was in Europe, there was a chance that the server would not show up.

I only get empty servers, ive never seen the pixeltail tag on any servers? I know from other threads that there are populated official server in NA, but why dont they show up for me? Am I destined to be in a dead region?

I used to wonder the same thing, the official servers wouldn’t show up very often. I think one logical explanation is that when the server is full it won’t show up in the in-game browser.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to use the Steam Server browser in the meantime until server filtering is added, especially since it allows you to add servers to your favorites.

for me they do show up but i just can’t connect to them
(actually i can’t connect to any plaza server so that’s something else)

I’m in France and I always see the official server, and I have no trouble connecting to it. :neutral_face:

I almost never see it the first time I try. You just need to keep refreshing until it shows up.
It sucks, but it works.

edit: turns out it was a problem on my end that i cant fix. I am getting the same problem in games like CSGO and Gmod…barely any servers are showing up at all, I have sent a support ticket!

The official server hasn’t been appearing for me today either, but it might just be my connection.