Escape Room

An escape room in the Arcade would be really fun to see, it could be like the theatre and the karaoke rooms where you can rent one out. But instead of being randomly assigned to it, you can choose which one you would like to do. The same timer function can also be applied to this room like the others. Either with a cap of 4 players and automated hints, or 5 players and one can basically run the room and give the hints.

I feel like this is a niche Condo IO would fulfill, letting people make their own escape rooms.


True, but you could technically do it now in a condo based off that, just simpler. You could also say that there’s no need for theatre, karaoke, nightclub since you can do that in a condo as well or even laser tag because you can just turn on pvp and have a ranged weapon. But having it be intractable and actual achievements to earn would be cool imo.