Errors In the Questions

I recently had a question about Mersenne primes. After getting the question wrong and looking up what they were I discovered an error in the question.

The question was:

What is the first Mersenne prime over 1000?
The answer given was 1279.

A Mersenne prime is a prime that is 1 less than a power of 2. 1280 is not a power of two.

The question should read instead: What is the first exponent over 1000 that results in a Mersenne prime?

This is correct, just to add some reference proof for the developers;

In the table, p is the exponent and Mp is the actual prime number, the 15th number(Mp = 21279 - 1) would be the first Mersenne prime exponent over 1000, not the actual prime number which is 386 digits long.

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There’s also a question about what year Overwatch came out and it has the correct answer as 2014 and yet the actual correct answer of 2016 isn’t even an option.