Error message for videos longer than 10 minutes

When in the theater or someone else’s condo, it would be good to have a simple message pop up when you try to play a video longer than 10 minutes, like the “you have insufficient units” one.
Otherwise, people might think it’s a bug or glitch.


Agreed, I tried to put a 10 minute video in multiple times in a friends condo, and was confused to why it wouldnt go in the queue. Then I realized that I just cant do it in any condo except mine, took me a while though.


I think that in public places the videos should be limited to a FREE time limit of lets say 5 min per video. Anything over that should be charged in Units. (This would deter some people from uploading long videos and just leaving the public area/theater). This would apply on a per video basis. So, you could upload 3 videos and as long as the videos are shorter than 5 min each it would be free for all three. And because it is a PUBLIC place anyone can stop any video and anyone can add any video.

For Example, Free for up to 5 min. per video. Anything longer than that would cost you (150 units) extra per min. So, if your one video is lets say 8 min long, it would cost you 450 units to play it. (5 min FREE, + 3 min x 150 units = 450). Again, (This would deter some people from uploading long videos and just leaving the public area/theater).

For PRIVATE videos, like in your home/condo it is all FREE and anyone can add/remove videos they insert only. However, the Home/Condo owner has the option to lock out anyone from adding videos if they wish. They also have the ability to add/remove any video that has been added by anyone visiting.

Also if the owner has a video playing anyone who visits them will automatically see it instead of having to turn the TV on. The visitor can always turn it off (For themselves only) if they wish.

Unfortunately, if you had to pay units for longer videos in the theater, they could end up being skipped. And if skipping was disabled, we go back to the problem of unskippable 10 hour videos. :thinking:

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Good point.