Equip/unequip vehicles with a single key press

Vehicles feel more like a hindrance and a waste of money at the moment, and a huge part of this is due to having to open up your inventory to equip and unequip it. Having an optional keybind to automatically enable/disable them would be a significant quality of life improvement. This keybind could be something unused, or it could be as simple as the keybind for its weapon/inventory slot.


  • I buy the Motor Scooter from the arcade
  • I equip it in inventory slot 1.
  • I press either press V or 1 to enable it.
  • I press that same button to disable it later.

when the button is pressed, code could very vaguely look like:
if (vehicle.isEquipped)
if (vehicle.isEnabled) vehicle.disable();
else vehicle.enable();
vehicle.isEnabled = !vehicle.isEnabled;