Environmental hazards?

I was playing some little crusaders earlier with a few friends and realised how amazing it would be to have environmental hazards, like imagine the dragon whipping a knight into a death pit for example

Being tail whipped into oblivion would be cool, but I don’t think it should straight up kill the player without a special requirement.

In GMod Tower’s version of Little Crusaders (UCH) had a map called Falloff which had cliffs hazards which players could fall off. But If I recall correctly, the players who fell off a cliff were put back in the play area but were stunned/dizzy as a punish.

But I think there’s a way to still implement fatal environmental hazards by having a special condition like if you are recently stunned/knocked back by the dragon’s tail whip, the player is eliminated instead of getting dizzy/stunned from the fall.

This way you don’t have people jumping off for super quick rounds to farm exp while having environmental hazards.


Have you ever tried walking into a fire (throne room map) as a crusader?

I had a UCH server a while back that kept track of when players were last tail whipped; it was used to reward a kill to the Chimera when they were tossed over a cliff. It wouldn’t be super hard to keep track of that.