Encourage People to Spend Time in the Lobby

I know that people are supposed to spending their time in this game playing Gamemodes. Even the Kickstarter information video explicitly stated that players are going to be spending most of their time playing Gamemodes, but there is a whole other chunk of content available to everyone, and from what I’ve seen in GMod Tower, very few people even acknowledge: The Lobby Attractions. I mean, from what I’ve seen, everyone is either buying things from the market, partying and decorating in their Condos, or waiting to be added to the next game Mini-Golf in the Gameports. Now this just a sign that the Gamemodes are doing what they’re supposed to be doing: Giving people an enjoyable experience and rewarding them with funds to buy things to decorate their Condos with and thus make it an attractive spot to gather and party. The Lobby, does not have such encouragement. I mean for a place with all the wonderful attractions of an Amusement Park, Nightclubs, and a Movie Theater, it’s dreadfully deserted and quiet. I would rarely see even one other person sitting in a floaty in the pool, or submitting songs or videos in the Nightclub or Cinema respectively; it feels like Point Lookout, Maine after a nuclear apocalypse.

Which leads us to what I’m suggesting here. Give people a beneficial reason to participate in Lobby attractions. If people have no reason to ride a virtual Ferris Wheel, people aren’t going to ride a virtual Ferris Wheel. What I propose is that every 24 hours all players get the same set of three randomized, simple, Lobby based tasks, such as [Go Full Circle on the Ferris Wheel], [Dance in the Nightclub for 2 minutes], and [Ride the Roller Coaster twice] giving about 500 Units(flexible) each. When people receive these tasks they will think “oh cool, easy money”, and congregate at the spot where performing this task is possible. There will be lines for the pool slide, there will be full Roller Coasters, and there will be people dancing in a Nightclub. When multiple people are getting together for one activity, people will want to gather there; this is why game servers where 40/50 people are connected are more attractive than servers where 10/50 people are connected (unless you’re playing DayZ).

GMod Tower and subsequently Tower Unite are social games, people will interact with each other. The Lobby is where everyone goes when a Game ends, and this Lobby and its attractions are about 1/3rd of the whole experience, and when no one is encouraged to partake in this 1/3rd then no one is going to, and thus it is wasted. When people are encouraged to participate, they will, and then they will socialize, and even if we, as the players of GMod Tower and it’s soon to be successor, are supposed to be spending time in the Gamemodes, wouldn’t being with other people by riding a Roller Coaster, sitting in a Pool, watching movies in a Theater, be just as good a use of our time?


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The Lobby really needs more to do in it.

Okay I’m thinking: A version of Blockles that I can play with australian ping that displays on the nightclub floor.

The problem about adding an incentive to the plaza is that the entertainment center becomes a cash grab.
If you gave a money incentive for something (Say, your Ferris Wheel idea) then people go and get the money and leave shortly after they receive it.

Or it could go back to what happened in lobby 1. Random events every 30 minutes or so (that included store sales mixed in to make events more rare) that included snowball fights, chainsaw battles, etc. in random parts of the lobby.

The random lobby events are a must for TU, the fact that there’s no real limitation with the engine, or at least comparably with Source, there can be so many more events than there were for lobby 1.

I do think though the incentive to explore and possibly just spend time in the lobby might be good, but it would have to be balanced and not a cash grab like @Cakemagic has stated.

Like the others are saying, great idea (or even needs to be a requirement) but that execution ins’t going to work for the fact that people are going to get their cash, go to the store and leave. Now if they were to bring back the random events (most likely without chainsaw battle with the new direction they seem to be going) then more people would stick around. Not only that we need new interesting events, because what I saw at the end of lobby 1 was the events I went to had maybe 4 or 5 people on a server of 50+. Especially more than just PvP combat events. Have races and co-op events (defend the lobby from robots or something, idk) Mix it up PTG!

This is also giving people a reason to come online daily, since the challenges shouldn’t be too hard.

This is an awesome idea! Devs need to read this as this would make people play the game more daily. A quest system wouldn’t all be to bad. @macdguy Please read as this could be a great idea for Tower to keep people playing. :smile:

Nonono quest system bad. Make people do ‘quest’, get money, go back to game ports. Add more things people want to do, don’t give them money to make them do things they dont!

And the thing I want to do is have the random events back with more variety.

Disregarding my other comment, I also think the new fountain in the plaza speaks for itself. No doubt in my mind it will act as a finishing touch for the plaza.

We are definitely thinking of lots of ways to make the Lobby have more activities.

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Time to bust out Deus ex machina!
And by Deus ex machina, I mean my old shitty suggestion for gmtower
Anti-afk system activating only when staying in one place
pls don’t h8

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An interesting idea, getting Units for watching videos in the theater alone or with people, is definitely an interesting incentive for people to continue hanging out in the lobby, but goddamn there has to be a way to make doing stuff within the lobby itself for unites non abusable. A perfect example is watching long videos within the theater and not being AFK while doing so, but for anything else, I honestly cannot think of how to make that work.