I remember seeing updates in the Trello on the online-emulator thing, but it never got around to completion. I’m assuming that isn’t going to happen in TU because of copyright shingleberries, but I hope someone can prove me wrong. I would love to see it in TU. Having a party where friends can play classic games like Mortal Kombat and Super Mario World with next to zero lag would be amazing.

I was referring to the emulator that you can play in your browser. I’m unsure of what it is called.

Most Emulators are perfectly okay legally, however the roms are not. Sadly this will most likely never get added or the roms will be limited to those that are free to distribute and open source titles. Titles like Mortal Kombat and Mario just blow away legality. Of course there is the “if you own it” grey area, but I do not see the devs dipping into this without taking into account the possible legal repercussions.

No. You can’t legally run a rom on an Emulator.

This is false. Emulators and ROMs are not illegal. ROMs can legally be obtained in various ways.

It’s perfectly true. You CANNOT legally run a rom on an emulator, as you’re stealing the work of the company that made it.

No it is not. You can rip your own rom from your own legally obtainable game, and dump it onto a computer, and run it with an emulator.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Galoob_Toys,_Inc._v._Nintendo_of_America,_Inc.

Can I remind you we were talking about running a rom on TU? Yes, you can run a rom if you bought it, but you know exactly what I meant. TU cannot legally have an emulator running a rom in its game, unless it’s produced by themselves.

Sure it can. Have the user select the ROM on their own computer, and use Tower Unite’s built in Emulator to run the game. I agree with you in the sense that because of the trickiness of the situation, there is a high likelihood of Emulators not being included in Tower Unite STOCK (you bet your ass there will be a workshop mod), but I was mainly telling you that by themselves, Emulators and ROMs are not illegal. It IS ILLEGAL TO PIRATE ROMs. Not play them.

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Not illegal to play them if you got it legitimately. :wink: (Because the downloading is illegal) But anyway, yes, they could do that, but even with that they could get into legal troubles. Also, if you go to that extent, what’s the point in even having it? May aswell just download an Emulator. xD