Emoty Animations for Couples


oh well, it seems many people don’t have girlfriends here and rather want no signs of romance in videogames instead of jealously looking at couples

i have no say in this.

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This sounds nice, wouldn’t mind if they were added at some point.

Even if they’re implemented it’s not like I would have anyone to use them with anyway… :sob:


Man… This is god damn social virtual world hellooo… Of course it would be much better if its close to second life and a like games except the adult parts of those games… If you are looking for an action adventure game u should go look for FPS. In Tower Unite they are trying to simulate social world.

Lol… Seems this new generation is really coming f.ked up. I don’t understand why would you really against the idea of hugging and holding hands? I’m not asking them to developed sexual animations tho LOL. Repeating again, it’s gonna be a social virtual world game. Don’t compare it with shooters please.

Who’s comparing this game with shooters? And why is this suddenly the new generation’s fault?


TU is hard to categorize. The devs consider it a game about playing games. The term “Virtual World” doesn’t quite apply, yet it is really the closest category to which TU as a whole applies. In my opinion, I don’t think it fits the theme of TU to endorse more romantic gestures; we already had a debate about about marriage in TU, which was answered by a dev with this statement:


If lots of people do want these kinds of romantic gestures in then it wouldn’t be the end of the world to add them in. I just don’t think it fits TU, that’s all. If you want the kind of interactions Second Life has, then go play Second Life. TU has never aimed to be the same thing most Virtual World games aim to be, so it’s important to think about what fits TU as opposed to what fits the average Virtual World game.

As a note, I don’t think Caboose was a part of the dev team at the point of the topic, so his statement made earlier in that topic doesn’t apply as a dev statement.


TU is a party hang-out game. These type of emotional things or deeper relationship stuff just doesn’t fit much in the game.

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Lol you guys are just overreacting… And showing me quotes from ‘‘Marriage suggestions’’ etc. If you don’t understand anything about my suggestion, plese read it again and again… If you still can’t understand, PM me I will try to make it easier for you to understand.

I’m not suggestioning very complicated or shameful things. And I don’t think this is against TU’s concept. Couple dance empties, hugging and holding hands is what I’m talking about. Repeating it again bcoz some of you guys having braindead conditions. NOT A KISSING or any other SEXUAL interractions. But dancing together as a couple. Maybe I want to do close dance with my GF in my condo during the party? You guys can be against to have relationships in this way in real. But not all of us are like you.

Not gonna response anymore under this post. Vote or not vote. It was just a simple suggestion. You guys taking it too serrious.

man you’re the one here going on full rants and tirades because people just plain and simple dont want it in the game

you’re the one taking this EXTREMELY seriously like its detrimental to your relationship this is in the game

hold hands in real life if you want to so bad


Also for you to understand asking a question simple one… Nightclub is gonna be published soon. To do what? :slight_smile: To do what???

uhh… play music?

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dang! I don’t think they are building a nightclub just to play music. we can do it in our condos. (even tho it’s not fun when you can’t play music with ur friends synchronized because of latency between players) and nightclubs are not for making music hello… It’s not a jamming studio it’s a dance hall. so why not couple dance?

because you can just do that together in game already as is?

well when nightclub comes out too


You really believe they are making that nightclub just to place one drum and piano inside for us to go play music unsynchronizely? :slight_smile: I believe nightclub has better purposes than this idea. But you can keep it up this way :smiley:

no i meant play soundcloud music not piano and drums

why on earth would they ever do that?


You submit music and a dance floor turns on. You can also buy drinks and be drunk. There’s no drums or pianos involved.

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ok of course there will be music it’s night club! omg :smiley: but then what? just stand and look at each other?

Mehh anyway I really really give up guys :smiley: Still laughin so bad when I see people how EXTREMELY AGAINST for the idea girl and boy dancing just together :slight_smile:

Theres’ nothing else, though there will be emotes in the future so you can dance.


Man you really are one toxic person, someone disagrees with your suggestion you go super defensive and start acting like a passive agressive asshole.

For the most part people don’t want these types of animations in the game, because in general it feels a bit to close to second life, and how much of a cringefest that game becomes. I don’t mind syncornized dance animations, similar to some of the taunts in TF2 that require two people to start, but having it go into a more romantic area just doesn’t feel right. Don’t tell me that’s not what you’ve implied in this thread, because it’s exactly what you’ve said several times.

also considering the differing ages of people playing this game, you run into some very awkward territory, which may or may not have legal repercussions in the future, depending on what could happen.

Just because people don’t like your idea doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, or that we’re being babies about it, it just means the majority disagree, and dealing with it like you have doesn’t help anyone.