Elevator Source camera messes up

So I was testing out Elevator Source to see if I could LAN it with some friends, and I saw that the camera was messed up if I loaded it in the Elevator gamemode.

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If I remember correctly (it has been a bit), this is a glitch particular only during singleplayer. If you set the settings to load it as a multiplayer server, this should fix itself.

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This fixes it partially. If I cough or check my watch, the view still glitches out for a frame or two.

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It’s been a bug that we’ve reported to Garry about a year ago. As you can tell nothing has been resolved.

Sounds about right.


Garry stopped working on Garry’s Mod quite a while ago. It’s a shame, but hopefully there will be a Source 2 port (although very unlikely)


I wouldn’t bet on it.

Garry is a cheeky bastard. I wouldn’t exactly hold him to that (sarcastic sounding) tweet.