Elevator Source 2?

I know its silly, but i was wondering (as are other people) about any sort Elevator Source plan for the future. Maybe a different game on its own or a Elevator gamemode somewhere in the Tower Unite lobby.

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It’s not my place to say, however I’d imagine with the retirement of Mr. Sunabouzu it probably won’t happen.

Yeah you are right.

Oh well…

Uh, he wants to help us when he has time.

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That actually makes more sense than him retiring.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to call it just Elevator? It wouldn’t be on the source if it’s in Unite.


I think it’d be pretty interesting if there was a hidden elevator in the plaza (kind of like the old dev room from Lobby 1 with the Halloween game), that either was Elevator 2, or more likely due to lag and resource consumption, sent you to an elevator server.

Valve are actually developing a Source 2 engine, there is a possibility for a real Elevator Source 2 in the future, ha.