Okay look, here me out, this sounds boring as ****, but I have a great idea
Kinda like tf2 with unusual effects, but regular people submit them to the workshop and you can use them, but there’s a catch, the workshop creator gets to choose what price to sell them at meaning that there can be some extremely desirable effects, and the workshop owner gets a small cut of the sale (to prevent just using it as giving units) the effects could be full body or just around the head but im sure this could make alot more interesting sets.

Nah. Mainly because that’s just copying other games, and we already have particles.

1,000,000,000 unit porn effects.


The particles we have are ass, im opening up an opportunity for amazing looking effects to wear

They have wearable workshop items planned (So potentially particle effects too), but selling them is something the devs seem to be leaning away from.


This is a very bad idea because having prices on workshop items is never gonna work (just look at Bethesda Creation Club) and there’s already effects that is on full body, that is Particles. there will be workshop accessories in the future but there will not be payable.


I only said the price thing as an incentive to make these effects, also, like i said the current particles are not good at all, maybe only flare but that’s it.

I’m not sure what you mean by incentive. Are you saying the person who made it would be paid the units that were spent on it? Or is this real money?

there will be prices on workshop items and already is, you probably mean allowing to set any price, rather than a fixed price
there are already hats and such planned that will work like how the workshop furniture item works, a fixed priced object that you can turn into any other workshop item

i say people could make workshop items and such but it works like how the current workshop stuff works rn, you upload a workshop item, and then you get no units from people using it, instead they by a workshop particle item and such that they can turn into a workshop particle, idk though
i imagine particles would be hard to implement and may be used to cause tons of lag idk though

(also here is the TU item database, it has all the items, that are planned to be added, already added and you can see the latest items they are working on for the next update)

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