Editable Terrains and Removing certain condo Features

Ok so, sometimes when we’re wanting to decorate in specific ways for our condo, the default terrain can get in the way. Elements like rocks, trees, grass, and even parts of the condo structure itself make some methods of customization unfeasible or impossible.

What I wish to suggest in that regard is ways to “Edit” the Terrain of a Condo in a way that can benefit this. For instance, say you want to remove the rock formation on the default Condo Island, or the Fireplace in the House.

Perhaps there could be options to remove those elements that are difficult to decorate or customize around, without permanently removing them for those who want to keep those elements.

In either case, I would like to put this forward as we have the new Canvas Piles and Fireplace items, and it would be helpful if we could remove or change terrain elements or archetecture in a condo to make use of it.